Review of the first year (2011)

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Site announcements
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This is my 100th post and seemed like an auspicious moment to review FairForAll’s first year.

I think I’ve matured as a blogger; I started off mostly posting content from elsewhere on the web. Now I keep that on Twitter and only post original commentary on here. I’m surprised, looking back, how I haven’t drifted away from the original subject, despite the fact that I’ve learned quite a lot and my views on a number of matters have become more nuanced.

The focus is now pretty clear: this blog belongs to the worldwide Living Wage campaign.

What strikes me is that most groups working on this issue fall either side of a North/South divide that spend little time talking to each other. I hope to be able to assist in that. So I like to think of this blog metaphorically as a radio or wireless repeater, transmitting the signal from one camp into another and vice-versa.


The vital stats for 2011 were as follows:

  • 94 posts
  • 4,078 page views
  • 123 followers across WordPress, Twitter and Facebook
  • 1 live event (a film screening), attended by 40 people

WordPress has provided a more visually arresting version of these figures. Click here to see the complete report.

To those of you who follow on one of the social networking sites: thanks for your support, it’s nice to have regular readers!


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