Nestlé finally does something about child labour

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Consumer campaigns, Natural Resources
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Change has come to the world’s biggest food company!

In the last few days Nestlé has finally agreed to allow independent auditing of its cocoa supply chain and propose ‘remedial strategies’ if child labour is proven.

In stark contrast to the reassurances given by Nestlé’s suppliers in the film The Dark Side of Chocolate, the company this week admitted “We are sure that there are children working”.

Best of all, the process will be led by the multi-stakeholder Fair Labor Association which means we can expect the reporting to be free and fearless.

This is a great moment for all who’ve been involved in the chocolate campaign, notably the International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF) who have pushed the issue for the last several years.

Opportunity to gain further ground – Act now!

An additional opportunity exists right now to raise standards. The United States Government has a procurement policy that prevents it from sourcing either Cote d’Ivoirian cocoa or Uzbek cotton without a ‘good faith’ certification that child labour was not involved. Bizarrely the Executive Order that makes this stipulation only applies to the raw materials and not to chocolate made out of the cocoa or T-shirts made out of the cotton. I’m not sure how often the U.S. Government has cause to order raw cocoa.

The Executive Order has come up for public comment though only until 3 December, so now is the time to remind Washington decision-makers to fully implement the intention of the policy all the way along the supply chain.

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