Great Stencil Bleached jeans (at She's Geeky)

Image by deb roby via Flickr

I was quite unaware of this until reading up about it for this post.

Apparently the bleached jean look is nowadays attained through a process known as sandblasting, which can create exact patterns rather than the overall pre-worn look that was created through stone-washing.

The problem is this. The key ingredient in the sand is silica. When silica becomes suspended in the air during production, it can enter the lungs and cause silicosis. The recommended maximum silica component is 1% and most U.S. factories keep it at 0.5%. However in Turkey (for example) it is as high as 80%.

Silicosis has a similar effect to tuberculosis, preventing a person from breathing. There is no known cure. And it can have an onset after as little as six months in an unfavourable environment.

What a disgrace that people could stand idly by and allow that to continue! All it would take is provision of adequate safety wear.

Clean Clothes Campaign are naming and shaming the companies that either won’t commit to a ban on the practice or have announced a change but done nothing. Their worst offender list includes Benetton, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace.

Annoyed? Then send them a message! It’ll only take 20 seconds at most.

You can also read CCC’s full 20-page report on the issue.

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