When the team gets it wrong – Part 2

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Ethical decision-making
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In an earlier post I talked about ‘GroupThink’, the phenomemon in which teams make bad decisions when they value cohesiveness and ‘not rocking the boat’ too highly and fail to fully explore the options available.

It’s relevant to many of the labour rights problems reported on this site as they are usually known about but brushed aside at boardroom level, be it at a sourcing company or the direct employer. This is not because executives have horns growing out of their heads, it’s because they do not wish to question what everyone else seems to be going along with.

The people who eventually speak up and pressure those boards to make better decisions are usually outsiders like NGOs or journalists, which is much harder than doing so from the inside.

It is so much easier if good decision-making processes are established from the beginning.

Here are seven easy steps to prevent GroupThink arising in groups, as recommended by Irving Janis.

Also, it’s the end of the week so, if you have another couple of minutes, here’s a video of GroupThink definitely NOT happening! –

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